Only the best ones take life without compromises, aspiring to perfectness everywhere.
They value a real taste of life!

A real pleasure in our busy life is created by means of invisible things. Sometimes, a few minute stop and enjoying the taste and aroma of the favorite drink may be the energy source and harmony for all day.
When your complete wish is to feel authencity of the tea or coffee, aroma and taste must be ideal! Your choice is the spesialized water ChayKava
It is hard-edged of perfection, justified luxury to feel the real taste, by getting pleasure.
ChayKava is water for the real gourmets!
ChayKava is an innovation at the Ukrainian market. It is the first specialized water for the tea, coffee and other drinks preparation
ChayKava is ideal water for your favorite drinks: better underlining their taste.

Due to what?
  • Balanced mineral composition water Chaykava has a unique salt formula, allowing not only to save but also underline the veritable taste of favorite drink. The neutral water pleasant tasteeven after boiling is the same and allows to feel teaor coffee taste.
  • Water softness-is a multi-leveled water water cleaning and absence of the complicated microelements (iron) prevents incrustating, sediment and keeps your tea-pots and coffee-machine ideally for years. Due to Chaykava softness reflects the real its taste.
  • Oxygen enrichment - an oxygenriched water,considerably improves extraction, decreases tea leaves and coffee usage, strengthen taste and natural characteristics.
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Special water for making hot drinks "Chaykava"

  • Water "Chaykava"
    Water "Chaykava" 6l
  • Water "Chaykava"
    Water "Chaykava" 2l