Interesting facts about water

Interesting facts about water
  • On Earth, the realm of the absolute reign of water. Water - a unique mineral that occupies 70% of the planet and only 1% is suitable for drinking.
  • Daily from Earth's surface evaporates trillion tons of water.
  • 46% of the Earth's water located in the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean - 23.9%, Indian - 20.3%, while in the North Arctic - 3.7%.
  • If the deepest point of the world's oceans (Mariinsky depression, more than 11 km) to drop up the iron ball, then it would need more than an hour to reach the ocean floor.
  • Oceans contain 328 million cubic miles of seawater.
  • In the world there is only one river, which originates at the equator and flows into a temperate zone: Nil. For obscure reasons, most of the rivers flowing in the opposite direction.
  • Not far from the village in Azerbaijan Kergalan is flammable water. Water from a match flame turns blue because it contains methane.
  • Contaminated groundwater is cleaned up within a few millennia.
  • In a glass of water contains about 8 Septillion molecules.
  • Bodies of you consist primarily of water: the heart and lungs are at 70.9% water, muscles - 75%, liver - by 75.3%, and spleen - 77%, brain - an organ of the highest water content - 83%. The brain receives 20% of the nutrients that are transported by blood, but by itself it is only 2% of the total body weight.
  • In nature, there are 48 varieties of water. Each species has a characteristic energy.
  • In the water crystals themselves there is a continuous motion. In the thin tubes in which water does not freeze, established a similar circulation, in vivo animal or human in the stem of plants. In water, the same laws as in the blood circulation.

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